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I've suffered from significantly reduced mobility, hip pain and neck pain after being hit by a car 20 years ago. Just a few short weeks of treatment from Dr Josh and I cannot believe the results! He has fixed issues that years of PT, osteopath and MD visits didn't even scratch the surface on. So glad I took the decision to try Inspire Chiropractic.

Love this place! Never believed in chiropractor care until I met Dr. Josh and his staff. I'm feeling much better (was suffering from lower back pain and headaches/occasional migraines) as well as the rest of my family. Yes, we believe in this so much that our whole family is involved and committed to health. Our youngest daughter (age 10) to my husband (age 42) faithfully go to our appointments and within a month we are seeing a huge difference. Dr. Josh and his staff are always so welcoming and willing to answer any and all questions. I highly recommend Inspire Chiropractor!!

Inspire Chiropractic has helped me Immensely throughout my treatment there. In addition to curing my back pain and numbness in my arms, my energy level has gone way up. I am much more productive throughout the day than I ever was before, and I have the Inspire Chiropractic team to thank for it!
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